Red Fire Glow In The Dark Locket

We have added some really cool fire red glow in the dark lockets to the Etsy shop.

red fire glow in the dark locket

Above is the fire red glow in the dark locket.

red glow in the dark locket

Our lockets are hand made in new orleans and you just put them in the sunlight or under a light in your home or office and you’ll be amazed at how it glows!

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Green Glow Bubble Steampunk Pendant #1

Here is the first of the new Bubble Gear Steampunk Glow Pendants with green glow.

We have many items to list in our Etsy shop and are currently making many batches of various glow jewelry for orders so we have decided to offer some of our jewelry via our Facebook page and this site. If you are interested in any of our jewelry and have a paypal account and facebook, just send us a message and you can paypal us and we will ship the item fast!

green glow in the dark watch gear steampunk pendant

Green glow in the dark vintage watch gear pendant.

We have ten or so of these in the works right now, including some with Aqua glow … each of one of a kind due to how the pieces are made. The process takes many, many hours and patience to create but are unique.

Inspired by broken clocks and how time doesn’t stop even when a clock breaks, we wanted to create some pieces that still reminded you it was dark, even though the clock had long since been broken,… these pieces all handmade and are made with actual vintage watch gears and parts.

Each “vintage watch gear” in our steampunk jewelry has spun moments of time possibly longer than you or I have lived, but even though the parts are no longer assembled in a clockwork they remind us time is still ticking and there is no time to waste.

If you would like to own the pendant in the picture above simply send a facebook message.

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Fire Red Glow Heart Pendant

Here is the Light The Darkness Fire Glow Heart Pendant and it is available in our Etsy shop.

We’ve had people asking for the “red glow heart pendants” all week and you can now get one for yourself. These glow heart pendants come on a chain and each one is handmade in New Orleans. In addition to new designs we are also working on ways to get even brighter glow in our jewelry.

Fire Glow Heart Pendant

We understand that green or aqua may not be everyone’s personal choice of colors and we know many fans of our jewelry love the red fire glow we offer.

The picture above shows this beautiful pendant with our unique glow jewelry designs. The picture below shows the same heart pendant in the sunlight.

Fire glow heart pendant jewelry

The fire glow heart pendant has a pink tone to it in daylight, but glows bright red once placed into a dark room or just “cup” it between your hands to seal off light.

The fire glow pendants do not glow as long as the other glow colors but that is out of our control. We use jeweler grade non toxic materials and just place this heart pendant in the sunlight for five or more minutes and then look at it in the dark.

Fire Glow Heart Pendants now on sale

We have many more colors coming soon, we are hard at work in the studio coming up with new pieces and trying to take pictures and get them listed as we can. Stay tuned for more “glow jewelry.”

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Green Glow Silver Filigree Locket

Today we added the silver green glow locket’s to the Etsy shop. If you are interested in one of our glow lockets but prefer the silver plated look to the antiqued brass filigree locket with green glow, you are in luck now both are available. We have them in all colors but here is the green.

Green Glow Silver Filigree Locket

Handmade glow lockets from New Orleans. Just put under a lamp in a room for the glow to start but for best results put in sunlight for a few minutes and you’ll get hours of this eye-catching and attention-getting glow.

The wearer will be constantly reminded of this piece as just entering a dim room will cause it to glow, often being so bright it will get even the wearer to look down reminding you it is there. The silver plated version pictured above is available in multiple colors (new ones being added as well).

silver glow locket

Picture of some of the colors of the glow lockets. All of our lockets are made with non toxic jeweler grade materials and make great gifts. Comes on a necklace!

Visit the Etsy shop to purchase yours today.

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New Steampunk Jewelry Coming This Week

Over the past couple weeks we have hinted about “new steampunk jewelry” we have been working on in the shop, but just haven’t had time to post the pics. Here is a steampunk glow necklace we made this week featuring an upcycled locket back with watch gears and parts suspended in time around your neck!

Steampunk Jewelry

The best part about much of our jewelry, as well as the steampunk necklace and pendant above, is if you place it in the sun for a few minutes or even a lamp in your home you will get hours of the mystic glow we are known for.

As you can see in the image above, the first picture is of the steampunk jewelry in the direct sun light… the second photo shows it in the dark, even walking into a dim room you can see the pendant begin to glow!

New steampunk jewelry coming over the next week or so stay tuned via the new LTD jewelry facebook page.

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Aqua Glow Heart Pendant Antiqued Brass Filligree

We spent the day in the jewelry studio here in New Orleans today making our original Aqua Glow Heart Pendants…

Just put the heart pendant in the sun or under a room lamp for a few minutes and you will be amazed at how long and bright this pendant glows!

aqua glow heart pendant antique brass filligree

“This gorgeous 2 inch pendant has depth and clarity that is astonishing in the sun and as you can see manages to still reach for the most attention as the lights go out it remains shining and glowing long into the night with some of the longest glow time you will find in high quality jewelry such as ours.”

aqua glow heart pendant

Comes on chain with clasp and is handmade in New Orleans, Louisiana USA and available in our Etsy shop.

Aqua Glow Heart Pendant

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