New Steampunk Jewelry Coming This Week

Over the past couple weeks we have hinted about “new steampunk jewelry” we have been working on in the shop, but just haven’t had time to post the pics. Here is a steampunk glow necklace we made this week featuring an upcycled locket back with watch gears and parts suspended in time around your neck!

Steampunk Jewelry

The best part about much of our jewelry, as well as the steampunk necklace and pendant above, is if you place it in the sun for a few minutes or even a lamp in your home you will get hours of the mystic glow we are known for.

As you can see in the image above, the first picture is of the steampunk jewelry in the direct sun light… the second photo shows it in the dark, even walking into a dim room you can see the pendant begin to glow!

New steampunk jewelry coming over the next week or so stay tuned via the new LTD jewelry facebook page.

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