New Glow in the dark Glowing Lockets

Our Original Glow Lockets ™ are now being worn in every state of America. All provinces and territories of Canada. Our glow jewelry is worn around the globe from our fans in Singapore, to Sweden, all the way back to the UK and Denmark!

Lockets such as the Seafoam Swirl Glow Locket ™

Just wear our glow in the dark jewelry in the sunlight for a few minutes and you will be amazed by the glow! Non toxic and safe to wear!

Here is a look at some of the latest things we have added to the Etsy shop

Blue Star Glow Locket ™ is an adorable little but super bright blue star in a cage! Silver-plated necklace, makes a great gift!

A really popular piece we have added is the introduction to the Rainbow Glow Lockets ™ which come in various sizes and styles and metals, but they feature a “rainbow glow” unlike any jewelry created before!

Handmade by Monique Lula and Rick Gleaux of Gleaux Jewelry for

New Orleans natives will find the Black and Gold Glow Lockets ™ to be a local treat! Whether you or a LSU or Saint’s fan you can surely feel the love for the great Crescent City!

We are gearing up for more local jewelry shows and look forward to continuing to expand our line of professional jewelry.

How about some fantasy-based jewelry?

Cinderella fans will adore the Glowing Pumpkin Cage Glow Locket ™

And finally if you like our Glowing Heart in a Cage necklace, we just added the matching Glowing Caged Heart earrings to go with it!

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