Green Glow Bubble Steampunk Pendant #1

Here is the first of the new Bubble Gear Steampunk Glow Pendants with green glow.

We have many items to list in our Etsy shop and are currently making many batches of various glow jewelry for orders so we have decided to offer some of our jewelry via our Facebook page and this site. If you are interested in any of our jewelry and have a paypal account and facebook, just send us a message and you can paypal us and we will ship the item fast!

green glow in the dark watch gear steampunk pendant

Green glow in the dark vintage watch gear pendant.

We have ten or so of these in the works right now, including some with Aqua glow … each of one of a kind due to how the pieces are made. The process takes many, many hours and patience to create but are unique.

Inspired by broken clocks and how time doesn’t stop even when a clock breaks, we wanted to create some pieces that still reminded you it was dark, even though the clock had long since been broken,… these pieces all handmade and are made with actual vintage watch gears and parts.

Each “vintage watch gear” in our steampunk jewelry has spun moments of time possibly longer than you or I have lived, but even though the parts are no longer assembled in a clockwork they remind us time is still ticking and there is no time to waste.

If you would like to own the pendant in the picture above simply send a facebook message.

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